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 Step right up! Presenting details for our Come On Up To The House tour with the Footsbarn Theatre! For our first stop, we’re delighted to be back in Cavan where the seed was planted for this idea last year….

cootehill performersWe kick off at the Cootehill Arts Festival on August 26th with a Glen Hansard show plus very special guests Lisa O’Neill and opening the show, The Murphy Beds. I’m sure there might be some additions throughout the set too as Glen always likes to keep me on my toes…actually..I’ll expand that to there will most likely be additions throughout the whole run as Glen likes to keep me on my toes..

For Cootehill, doors – or I should say canvas flaps – will be open at 6.30pm. Curfew is around 11pm. Tickets will be €35+bkg fee.  This is a general admission tiered seating tent.  There are cushions provided but feel free to bring your own should you have a particular favourite that you want to park your bum on.  There is a bar tent at all these shows too and food stall options.

This show is sold out, thank you! **If you are coming to this gig from Dublin, please be aware of the many many road closures in & around the city due to the Pope’s visit that day. Allow for extra travel time! You can find details on road closures here.**

Also at Cootehill, The Footsbarn Theatre will be performing Shakespeare’s Bottom’s Dream on two nights – August 22nd and 25th..
Tickets can be purchased

After the Cootehill Arts Festival, the tent will come down and be taken to Ballintubbert House & Gardens where it will sit for a week of shows…

September 5th & 6th will be some Footsbarn Theatre workshops. More details to come.

September 7th – Footsbarn will perform Shakespeare’s Bottom’s Dream. Tickets here

September 8th – Glen Hansard will take the stage and this time will be supported by Hank Wangford. Tickets here

*Sold Out* September 9th we are very happy to announce The Frames with support from David Kitt with Bitch Falcon opening up the show.

A dublin based fan has organized transport to & from this gig. Check out the link for details & to sign up!

(Note: Sorry about the eventbrite glitch at the start of the sale this morning. If you bought 4 tickets to either The Frames or Glen show for Ballintubbert and you don’t need that many, please contact about getting a refund if you cannot sell them otherwise. We’ll get it sorted for you. Thanks for your patience!)

After The Frames finish, we will have a DJ set from Donal Dineen’s Backstory…. so bring your cushions a bottle of water and a few sandwiches maybe….it’ll be an early kick off with doors around the 6.30 mark and a curfew of 1am. Looks like they have a few glamping options too there if you wanted to check them out.

After we’ve cleaned up the mess and put the gardens back all tidy we’re off to GUITARTOWN! Beautiful Clonakilty by the sea to be a part of this year’s Clonakilty International Guitar Festival…

Sep 17th – Footsbarn will perform Shakespeare’s Bottom’s Dream Tickets here

Sep 18th – Glen Hansard will perform a show with David Keenan opening up and Stephen James Smith in the mix too – Tickets here

Sep 19th – Interference with the addition of Glen taking some vocals are delighted to perform under the canvas for a very special one off show. Mongoose will support. Tickets here

Sep 20th – Footsbarn school matinee of Bottom’s Dream

Sep 21st – Footsbarn Theatre performs Mingling with Moliere – 19.00 – Tickets here


Then we upsticks and head further west…out to Dingle…and then keep going a little more west into the wilds of west Dingle…

So, bring your sense of adventure here…this really will be the tent pitched in a friend’s field. If when the time comes and the weather is truly against us and it’s blowing a gale and it’s just not safe to erect a circus tent or two we can look at refunding the tickets…..for the spot, go to google maps and put in the coordinates 52°13’35.6″N 10°20’23.4″W. We’ll have signs and directions on the day to mark out the spot and there is a field within walking distance where we can park cars. Will look at local taxis and shuttle services too and from Dingle which is about a 10 minute drive. Bear with us a wee while while we figure out the details.

More directions: Baile Na bPoc, midway between Feóthannach cross and Brandon Creek cross about 8 miles from Dingle. Tell them to take the Brandon Creek road from Dingle, not the Slea Head drive.

Note: If anyone is looking for a campsite, there is a site 3 miles from the gig field in Gallarus. Check with T. Ó Conchúbhair in Baile Na nGall/Bally David.

Sep 27th – Footsbarn will perform Shakespeare’s Bottom’s Dream tickets here
Sep 28th – Footsbarn will perform Shakespeare’s Bottom’s Dreamtickets here

Sep 29th – Glen is going to play a show with support from Ye Vagabonds – tickets here

Sept 30th – Footsbarn will perform a matinee of Mingling with Molière – 14.00 – tickets here

Sep 30th – Cormac Begley is going to take the tent and put together a night of fine music for us pulling together a show from his circle of friends and family.. – tickets soon.

Oct 1st – We are giving this night to the wonderful Peadar ÓRiada – tickets on sale now
‘Cúil Aodha go Corca Dhuibhne’ – Peadar Ó Riada & friends: Glen Hansard, Cór Cuil Aodha, Cór Ban Cuil Aodha, Seán Ó Sé, Jehr Wolfe, Concubhar Ó Luasa, Neil Ní Chroinin, Máire Ní Chéilleachair, Seán Ó Liatháin & Danny Maidhcí

Oct 2nd – To round off musical events we’re delighted to be announcing a Swell Season show featuring Glen and Marketa and Marja and Bertrand – tickets on sale now

Oct 3rd …might do something here..might not…again..bear with us.

Oct 4th strike the tent…head on home…back to the office…and the feeling that it was all a dream… – claire

Footsbarn offers a Theatre Summer School in France July 19th – August 5th! For more information, check out this PDF or visit